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All our courses can be adapted to suit the needs of the client. We are particularly keen to tailor the course around existing client company policies and training. We work hard to create a relaxed and participative climate in which people can understand processes more clearly, identify and apply practical solutions to their problems, and gain confidence in their own ability.

We have a flexible pricing structure with discounts for existing clients or those who bulk buy courses. We have hourly and daily dates dependant on which course is involved.

Chairing Meetings and Minute Taking

The world seems to run on meetings. The long term success of any organisation depends on how it decides matters and shares information, and how effectively it uses the time and money it has available to it. We will help you to improve meeting performance and deal with meeting minefields including avoiding conflict and diversity in meetings as well as other issues of meeting management in practice.

We will help you to work effectively in the preparation of agendas, meeting papers and minutes. Above all, we will help you to spot the key points to record from a meeting and recognise what to leave out. This will save you time and help you produce professional, clear, well structured and accurate minutes with confidence.

Communication and Influencing Skills

As we all face information overload and conflicting demands on our time, we could all find it helpful to ensure that we don't waste time and effort through mixed messages or misunderstanding. We can help you to assess and sharpen your communication skills and explore ways to influence others in order to achieve your objectives. We can help you develop skills in effective listening, speaking in public, maintaining concentration and non-verbal communication. We can also assist you in building rapport, getting in the other person's head, waiting to speak and counselling skills

Conflict Resolution and Handling Workplace Violence

The world is not always a nice safe place where everyone agrees all the time, conflicts do occur and in extreme cases these can escalate into violence. We can train managers and frontline staff to recognise different aspects of conflict that they may encounter and to be able to understand and be aware of the different methods of resolving such conflicts. We focus on non-physical intervention techniques on managing and de-escalating potentially violent incidents within the work environment. As part of this process we encourage staff to review and identify changes needed to management arrangements and safe systems of work, to ensure the safety of all employees.

Customer Communication Skills

A telephone call, counter, or home visit is frequently the only or main contact a customer has with an organisation and how the enquiry is dealt with can leave a lasting impression. We can help to develop the inter-personal skills of staff who deal with customers by telephone and face to face on a regular basis and to ensure that each interaction delivers best value and reflects the organisation positively - right first time.

We show staff how to gather the correct information via the telephone and personal visit; filter out unwanted information; obtain all the relevant information required; present a polished and professional image of themselves and the organisation; how to select the right approach for a situation; turn complaints into a positive benefit and prepare for the unexpected!

Event Management

Many administrators are now expected to book a variety of events from small meetings through training sessions to full scale exhibitions or dinners etc. For people not used to this sort of work it can be scary and stressful. We offer 2 event management courses to help you organise any type of event easily and as stress free as possible. The Introductory course looks at the event management basics and simple events such as meetings and training sessions whilst the Advanced course goes into more detail and deals with more complicated events such as conferences, residential events and launches. Each course uses real life examples and selection activities and you go away with a checklist for use with any event.

Instructor Training
One of a manager's most important functions is the development and training of the team. Sometimes this is done directly by the manager, at other times it is carried out by others, but the manager still has a significant role to play. We can help new and existing managers develop the necessary skills to train their staff. We cover all aspects of the process from identifying needs, through development of materials and delivery of instruction, presentations, and group activities, to evaluation. We can also offer a full Train the Trainer programme for those more involved in the training process to ensure consistency and quality training within your organisation.
Mental Toughness Development Programme

Employees increasingly have to work to demanding targets, handle several things at the same time, respond to sudden changes and new demands and achieve goals despite set-backs or interruptions. Mental Toughness is a significant factor in determining how a person responds to pressure and how that might result in excessive stress. Put simply Mental Toughness is the ability to cope with stressors effectively.

The programme introduces the 4 elements of Mental Toughness, the most frequent sources of pressure in the workplace (and outside the workplace) and, most importantly, how individuals react to those pressures.

A range of psychometric measures are used, including measures of self-esteem, self-efficacy and general personality measures, to enable individuals to better understand themselves. Following from this we look at tools and techniques to deal with stress using "hands on" experience of the various techniques - this includes a simulation exercise where individuals can experiment with putting these techniques into practice in 'a real life setting'.

Every person who attends a programme will find stress reduction techniques which really work for them and should emerge with an increased capacity to handle pressure - whatever its source. It also equips participants to understand others in the same way - so that they can be increasingly supportive employees and managers.

Performance, Service Delivery Improvement and Managing Change

In this competitive world it is vitally important for organisations to stand out from the crowd, making sure you deliver a consistently high quality service is key. As customers wants and needs are constantly changing then to maintain this high quality service so must organisations but people are naturally resistant to change.

We can help you addresses the issues and problems surrounding change and its impact on people. We look at the ways in which you can manage your people to achieve the change most effectively, and reduce any negative impact on them (and on yourself!). We also consider the tools and techniques for stimulating and achieving continuous improvement, and how to encourage creativity and innovation in team members.

Practical People Management

It can be difficult to balance the need to set and maintain standards of behaviour required by the organisation with the individual rights of employees. We look at difficult situations such as absence and poor performance, as well as broader principles such as rights and responsibilities, dignity at work, harassment and bullying. We can help managers resolve performance and attendance problems, understand and apply relevant corporate policies and follow best practice in ensuring a tolerant and supportive workplace for all employees.


Increasingly people are asked to make presentations within their job. These can be small informal affairs to teams and line managers, to large scale organisational or public presentations. For many this is a daunting proposition but we can help make the experience less scary. We can help you explore why some presentations are effective and others are not, assess your own skill levels, identify the steps required to make successful presentations an examine a range of proven practical techniques. We can also give you practice in making presentations using video recording and feedback.

Work Team Health Checks and Repair Clinics

Day by day, with all the pressures on them, work teams tend to focus on WHAT they have to do - task. But for peak team performance, they must also consider HOW they work together- process.

We can take you away to "neutral ground" or a good thinking environment to learn a little about how teams can work at peak performance, and then work out how to apply that to your team.

Depending on you needs, we can help you review your performance, create a strategy or vision, discuss and resolve tensions, plan for the future, or prepare for change - but you always leave with an action plan. We do this using team role questionnaires, behavioural analysis, discussions and group activities, even racing model cars and outdoor activities if you want.

We can also help you explores the characteristics of effective teams and the factors which managers and supervisors need to focus on to ensure that the team functions efficiently. We address the issues and problems of building and leading teams, from adding a new member to the team, through team development to team repair and restructuring.

We do this by identifying how well the team is working, and discuss and consider strategies to build on strengths and reduce the impact of weaknesses. We will look at the pros and cons of different ways of allocating tasks and responsibilities, and how different approaches lend themselves to different situations. Finally, we consider the tricky issues of motivation and reward.


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